TUNINGDOME Infrared Portable Sauna

The easiest way to treat yourself to a spa like experience at home

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Stressed with your life?

Life is stressful. Even more so if you have a high powered job, full of stress. Imagine waking up early in the morning, stumbling with your food and rushing to the office while constantly thinking about that assignment you were supposed to submit yesterday. You gorge on office coffee all day long while relentlessly staring at your computer screen trying to get through with yesterday’s and today’s work. Your lunch is whatever you can get to eat in the cafeteria, and most of it is just junk food that is full of empty calories. You know it will only make you fatter but you have no choice. You come home and cram with the workload for the next day, and that makes you stay up nights.

But exactly what can you do?

Lifestyles like this with stress and immense pressure from work, paired with poor nutrition, no exercise and a sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of many coronary diseases like atherosclerosis. It can also cause diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, obesity and obesity related disorders. But you cannot do anything. After all, it is your glittering career prospect that is in question, and you cannot give that up for all these things. So you need something that will fix this problem for you without you having to compromise on your dream.

This is exactly where the portable infrared sauna comes into the picture. The portable infrared sauna is a sparkling piece of technology that basically ensures your health and happiness without any compromises in your career. It is the best way to reduce fat and stay healthy anywhere and at any time. This infrared dome is portable and can be carried easily from one place to the other. It’s like having your own portable sauna spa in the comfort of your living room. It works on the basic principle that raising the temperature of organic molecules in your body like fat in the fat cells makes them more mobile and easy to flush out of your system.


  • Melts away all that nasty body fat by raising the heat within the fat storing cells
  • Completely therapeutic for the body and the mind
  • Portable. Carry it anywhere you want with ease
  • Infrared dome designed in a way so as to provide comfort when placed around any region of the body
  • No danger of skin burns as the temperature is safe with the FIR technique


  • It is advisable to lie down on a towel while taking the sauna in as you will be likely to perspire and any underlying surface may get soaked with sweat


A portable infrared sauna like the Durherm steam sauna is something that will be handy for you anywhere at any time.They basically uses the science behind a sauna and reduces it to a small machine that is easy to carry around. It is quite therapeutic for patients with edema, blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. Our infrared sauna reviews are nothing but positive the world over so go ahead, make a change in your life.

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