Lifesmart LS-TCED-IC3 Infracolor Sauna

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Imagine being able to get home after a hard day at work and unwind by stretching out in your very own sauna as the heat slowly but surely helps you to relax and release all that tension that has built up. Owning your very own sauna is an amazing luxury – and the Lifesmart Infracolor Sauna is engineered to maximize that comfortable and therapeutic experience that will also give you all the added health benefits of sauna baths.

“What Makes the Sauna Stand Out?”

Being a combination of ceramic and carbon fiber tech, the Lifesmart Infracolor Sauna offers the best of both worlds. Otherwise billed as the Lifesmart 6-element infrared heater, it has 5 large carbon heaters that will evenly distribute warmth throughout the sauna alongside an additional ceramic heater that can be used to stimulate and target a specific area.

As one of the best home sauna systems on the market today, it also incorporates a slew of features to improve your experience when you use it. The highlight of these features is definitely its Infracolor Infusion Mood Lighting System that will enable you to conduct your very own chromotherapy sessions – and is the reason why it is known as an infracolor sauna.

Everything about the sauna is designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible, from its assembly to the simple controls on its LED panel. It even has a handy little reading light if you would like to flip through your favorite magazine or book while you bask in the luxurious heat that it emits.


  • Able to provide direct heat therapy that penetrates deep into the skin with the ceramic heater that is included, and can also be used for foot reflexology
  • Chromotherapy can be controlled via a remote control and has tons of options to explore and experiment
  • Includes 2 in-built speakers and a pre-amp that can also be connected to an MP3 player
  • Able to heat up to 150 F in 20 minutes
  • Bench-oriented seating that can easily accommodate up to 3 people or even 1 person lying down


  • Excessive sweating may end up damaging the wood over time but using towels can help to avoid that
  • Some parts of the assembly may require two people – mostly to move some of the heavier parts and slot them in place


If you were to check out any Lifesmart sauna reviews you’d see that most customers have the same thing to say about the Lifesmart Infracolor Sauna: It is an impressive and effective sauna unit that does everything expected of it. Certainly it more than rivals any JNH sauna or that of any other brand, and is going to be a great addition to your home that will allow you to totally relax yourself and also alleviate most of your aches and pains. The sooner you go ahead and get one of your own, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that it brings to the table.

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