How much does a sauna cost?

Having a great sauna in your home can be perfect as it will give you a warm and relaxing place to let off some steam in. But are you prepared to deal with the home sauna cost that you will more than likely be bearing with?

As great as it can be to find a quality sauna for sale, you have to be aware of how much it can cost for you to get one. This is important regardless of the type of sauna you want to order.

How Big Is It?

A great sauna can be one that is comfortable and capable of handling as many people as necessary. However, a sauna that fits more people is clearly going to cost you more money.

A 1 or 2 person infrared sauna can cost $1,000 to $1,300 on average. Meanwhile, a model that can handle six people will cost closer to $3,000. A home sauna cost should be checked carefully based on how many people can fit in there as well as how well the heat is generated.

Infrared or Coal?

The best infrared sauna models are popular but a classic coal-fired home sauna can work too. It can actually cost less to get an infrared model in that a four-person infrared model can go for $2,000 or more. A coal-fired one can go for twice as much more. This part of the home sauna cost can be tough to bear with but it’s primarily due to how a coal-fired sauna uses more traditional and complex means of administering heat.

Is It a Corner Model?

A corner sauna can be convenient in that you can simply place it in the corner of a room without being too hard to install. You can even place this indoors if desired. However, a corner model is clearly going to cost quite a bit of money to get. A 4 person corner sauna can cost about $2,000 while a smaller 2 person corner sauna can go for $1,500, what with this being so easy to prepare and set up.

Portable Models Are Unique But Costly

A portable infrared sauna can be rather useful in that if can be set up with foam materials and surfaces that can be installed in any part of a home with ease. However, a portable DIY sauna model will typically fit only one person on average. In addition, you will still have to spend a good deal of money on one of these options.

Price Vary By Brand

Some brand names out there will charge you more for a home sauna due to how they work with some rather strong standards for getting saunas ready for all kinds of use. JNH Lifestyles Sauna, for instance, charges a thousand dollars or more for its products. A 4 person corner sauna that can handle one or two people can go for at least $1,100 in many cases.All brand names have their own standards for construction and quality and can charge more than others. For instance, Dynamic Saunas can charge $1,400 or more for some of its two-person saunas, a total that is higher than what JNH charges on average.

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