Heat Wave Corner 4 Person Infrared Sauna

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Do you enjoy relaxing in a sauna and letting the heat wash over you as you sweat out all those toxins that have been gradually accumulating? If you own the Heat Wave Infrared 4 Person Corner Sauna, you can do just that whenever you feel the need – right from your very own home. Nothing feels better than being able to open up your skin pores and sweat a little bit in the morning to rejuvenate yourself for the day ahead, or to kick back, relax, and relieve the stress that has built up after a hard day at work.

“Why Should You Choose this Sauna?”

Constructed from natural Hemlock wood, this corner sauna is sturdy and durable – and its quality will be readily apparent from the minute you start to assemble it. While it is solid, assembling it shouldn’t be too much of a chore and most of its pieces will slide into place with the grooves that are provided. Once assembled, it should be good to go and can operate up to 141 F after being warmed up for about half an hour.

As you would expect from a 4 person corner sauna, it is oriented so that there are two benches on either wall – each capable of seating 2 people, with backrests included. Of course it is also possible to lie down on these benches, although it may not be ideal – especially for tall people.

In terms of additional features this corner infrared sauna doesn’t disappoint and comes with a host of capabilities that range from in-built speakers to towel hooks, magazine racks, chromotherapy lights, and an oxygen ionizer. Essentially everything that you need to make your experience that much more convenient and pleasurable.


  • Has 10 carbon heaters positioned strategically to evenly warm up the sauna with infrared heat
  • Convenient interior and exterior LED controls to adjust the sauna settings either from the inside or outside
  • Sound system includes stereo radio and CD player as well as an auxiliary port to connect an MP3 player
  • Air remains clean and purified with the included oxygen ionizer
  • Chromotherapy light can be set to rotate the color of the lights or provide a steady color and the settings can be changed easily using the remote that is included


  • Positioning of the seating may make it a tight fit if 4 tall people are using the sauna simultaneously
  • Sometimes heating it up to near the maximum temperature may take longer than stated


Based on the infrared sauna reviews it should be apparent that this is one of the best far infrared sauna options on the market – and can hold its own against any Lifesmart Infracolor Sauna as well as those of other brands. If you’re looking for a 4 person corner sauna with a nice and natural look that will consistently allow you to relax and reinvigorate yourself then the features of this sauna coupled with its impressive track record make it a clear front runner.

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